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  • Good Morning Stretch

    Start your day off the right way! Warm and loosen up your muscles with a variety of stretches and foam roller exercises that will target your entire body. We conclude the class with a few light exercises to prepare you for what's ahead!
  • Body Blast Circuit

    A highly effective full body workout. This dynamic class alternates cardiovascular with muscle endurance stations. Suitable for all levels and ages. This 30-minute powerhouse boot camp style class uses strictly your own body weight for resistance. Perform a combination of full body movements, using no equipment, to work balance, strength and endurance. This class will leave you in a puddle of sweat, be ready to burn some serious calories.
  • Pilates

    Enjoy a balanced blend of endurance, strength and flexibility training with a particular concentration on strengthening and stabilizing the stomach and back muscles. This class is ideal for those wishing to improve posture, or those looking to cross train (runners and golfers in particular).
  • Core Conditioning

    A fast paced full body workout with a focus on core strength and stability. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and your own bodyweight. In this class we’ll start with a 2-3 minute full body stretch, warm up with dynamic movements and then target the anterior chain muscle groups, lower body, and shoulders, biceps and triceps.
  • Vinyasa Advanced Flow Yoga

    For those who have a more experienced practice, this class explores more challenging postures through intensive Vinyasa sequencing that includes inversions, balancing, backbends and more. Be prepared to get your body, mind, and breath moving, your heart pumping and your body glowing.
  • Flow Fit

    A well rounded workout, this class incorporates the use of strength training, pilates, cardio, and yoga with the help of blocks, straps, and weights. You will increase your muscle tone & mass, improve balance & bone density and reduce risk of injury by building muscles to protect joints. Flow Fit also helps you increase metabolism by adding lean muscle to entire body.
  • NavaFit Yoga Basics

    This class is open to everyone at all levels of yoga practice. Focused on helping you to strengthen and tone muscles and create flexibility through linking breathing techniques with specific yoga poses.
  • Pilates Killer Abs

    The focus of this Pilates class is to target your abs and back, strengthening these core muscles while building flexibility and decompressing the spine.

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