About Us

Our Mission

NavaFit helps individuals lead more fulfilling lives by providing access to group fitness activities. Finding the time to stay fit is a challenge, but finding the motivation can be just as tough. Our service connects individuals, their friends and fitness experts, to give members a fun and thorough fitness experience. By using our service, you are able to get in shape on your own schedule, with the help and support of your network.

How it Works

NavaFit leverages video-conferencing technology to enable real-time instructor-led fitness classes online. Classes are taught by certified experts offering diverse sessions, such as strength training, cardio resistance, pilates, yoga & zumba. All classes are interactive, with users and instructors able to see and hear each other using the webcam and mic on their computer. Users also get access to exclusive videos and fitness tracking tools. View the demonstration video for additional details.


NavaFit is great for busy professionals, moms and and those wanting to supplement their existing workout routine. Moms with tight schedules are especially ideal users of the site as there is no need to leave the house and get a babysitter. Pre-formed goal-based groups also work well, such as wedding bridal parties using the site to lose those last 10 pounds together before the big day.


The company currently offers a free-trial for new members. Users can take up to 2 instructor-led classes at no cost. See additional details here.

Created By

The company was founded by executives with extensive healthcare and technology experience from Pfizer, Phillips, and CNN. They hold engineering and business degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, Columbia University and Stony Brook University.

For additional questions or information please contact us at support@navafit.com