About Us

Our Mission

NavaFit helps individuals find the motivation they need to lead active, fun and healthy lives.

How it Works

NavaFit's apps use the GPS on mobile phones to find others in your area who have similar fitness goals and sports interests. Users can plan activities and share their accomplishments with their SQUAD. View a quick video for additional details.


NavaFit is great for students, busy professionals and others who enjoy a social fitness experience. Your NavaFit SQUAD is always there to motivate you and help keep you active.


The apps are free. In addition, the company currently offers a free-trial of online coaching sessions with certified experts. Users can take up to 2 instructor-led classes at no cost. See additional details here.

Created By

The company was founded by executives with extensive healthcare and technology experience from Pfizer, Phillips, Hewlett Packard and CNN. They hold engineering and business degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, Columbia University and Stony Brook University.

For additional questions or information please contact us at support@navafit.com